Helping to Move a Rare Indian Rhinoceros

In the Customs Clearance Team our task is to ensure every job clears the customs process successfully. Among the thousands of shipments we clear every month occasionally a phone call or email stands out. Like this one: “Can you clear a live endangered rhinoceros for us? He’s 2 tonnes.” We said, “Tell us more!”


Orys, a rare 4-year-old Indian Rhinoceros, was transferring from Basel Zoo in Switzerland to Port Lympne animal park along the Kent coast near Hythe. There he joined Port Lympne’s globally-important collection of 17 rhinos. Obviously nothing could be allowed to delay this overnight move. So our team worked hard beforehand to get the documentation right and were then on-hand at 5am – chosen as the coolest time of a Summer’s day – to ensure his safe passage through Dover Customs.


Customs Specialist Ryan Bowyer said, “I enjoyed helping Orys through Customs and it was a pleasure to work with Port Lympne and the hauliers.”


Harbour Shipping Managing Director Steve Applebee said, “It’s great when we get something a little more obscure to challenge our skills as a customs broker, and hear the immediate positive feedback from our client.”


We’re glad to report Orys reached his new home smoothly before breakfast and keeper Simon Jeffery says he has already settled in very well.


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